What is the SMS Cloud?

The SMS Cloud is a wholesale SMS gateway provider offering enterprise-class services at unbeatable prices. Our unique SMS platform has been custom built from the ground up, allowing us to minimize our operating costs, while maximizing our system's efficiency, reliability, and scalability. The result: huge savings for our clients.

Revolutionary SMS Platform

Our SMS platform raises the bar for SMS gateway providers in a big way. Not only does our platform support SMS to every major U.S. carrier (including small regional carriers) and popular VoIP services such as Google Voice, but we also support SMS to over 160 countries at the same low rate as domestic messaging. We then take it a step further by offering affordable dedicated numbers which can be instantly activated, number portability, some of the best messaging rates in the industry, and no complicated or long-term contracts.

Carrier Query Service

Our amazingly low-cost carrier query API allows you to detect the carrier of any North American phone number, either on the fly or in bulk. Our carrier query API is 100% real-time, meaning our system instantly reflects when a phone number is ported to another carrier.

Voice-enabled SMS Numbers

Our platform allows you to have voice features on your SMS-enabled phone numbers, such as: call forwarding and playing automated recordings when people call.