Complete and Global Coverage

SMS Cloud provides unparalleled domestic and international SMS coverage. For a very low monthly fee, customers are given dedicated and globally reachable 10-digit SMS-enabled numbers, which can reach over 160 countries. Additionally, SMS Cloud numbers support every single SMS provider in North America, including small regional carriers and popular VoIP providers like Google Voice. Best of all, we provide international SMS at the same low rate as domestic messaging. Compare this to the unreasonably high costs and disadvantages of operating a short code and the choice is clear.

Technical Competency

It's an unfortunate truth that many SMS gateways and communication platform companies are ran by marketers, sales teams, and investors. SMS Cloud, on the other hand, was founded by an already-profitable web software development company with a focus on building great software and services. We make available developer-friendly, standards-compliant web service APIs and technologies to our clients which minimize the time and investment required to go live using our services. Additionally, we employ only the most talented, certified software engineers, and require certifications to be kept current in the technologies we use the most.

No Lock-In

SMS Cloud is always month-to-month, with no convoluted contracts or long term commitments. We're simply confident that we can keep your business by providing outstanding services at unbeatable prices. To further make our point, we even allow you to port your SMS Cloud numbers to a new provider if you ever decide to leave.

Corporate Stability

SMS Cloud is solely owned and operated by an experienced and stable web software development company which has been in business and profitable for over 6 years without a dime of outside capital investment. You can rest assured that we will be around to support the long-term needs of your business.